From Tenderfoot Tactics

Every goblin can have 2 trinkets equipped, which provide power (bonus damage and healing) and health. The rarer trinkets can also provide a passive or modify active skills.

Each trinket has a prevalence, which determine how often it spawns naturally, and a quality, which serves as an indicator to how strong a trinket is. Quality determines how much reputation the item is worth when giving and taking from a town's hoard, and the minimum level of reputation required to take it from a hoard. Quality is indicated by color, and the different tiers in order are Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Wonderful (purple), and Unique (orange).

quality name power health prevalence special description
flat wide stone Damage 0 Health 0 350 A perfect skipping stone.
petrified wood Damage 0 Health 0 40 The remains of an ancient tree, although not of a variety found here, now. Many goblins of Hork collect such things and keep them in visible places in their homes, as part of an old tradition.
gold ring Damage 11 Health 14 9 Smooth ring made of copper-rich gold. An ambitious imitation that mimics a powerful old relic. The ring has a quality that tugs on the attention of nearby goblins.
glass pendant Damage 9 Health 0 18 A pendant holding a chunk of glass taken in flight from the old world. Goblins who flaunted such mementos could be relied on to plot the old-world structures. As time passed, travel among old-world structures became ever more precarious, and the goblins who could be relied upon dwindled to naught.
stone statuette Damage 0 Health 27 35 A carving of an elf, made by goblin hand, of course. She looks wise, motherly. Such carvings are not uncommon, though few would use them for anything but decoration.
silver circlet Damage 12 Health 11 7 A shocking white band of silver, cluttered with filigree. Spirits have made ornaments for many purposes, but royal ornaments were only made to satisfy trivialities. This circlet, an impressive dragon, and other novel transmogrifications were made for an impressive opera performance.
faded copper buckle Damage 5 Health 14 25 Looks just like those copper rectangles worn by northern goblins, except for the strange, faded white tone. The color brings to mind rumors of self-possessed goblins walking out of the fog, their will untouched by the fog but everything they carry fog-cursed.
ragged medallion Damage 0 Health 14 100 Mottled gray disk with a striking portrait of a bird. Supposedly made to commemorate the first mass shape-shift of the Age of Fairy. The hobgoblins of Lambert Graben took flight in the shape of local cotingas, kingfishers, vultures, storks, and macaws.
glass chit Damage 5 Health 18 25 Smooth wedge of blue glass with a clear, stylized portrait of a boar. These chits track debt, but many a pilgrim will insist that they used to mark noble births. The goblins sharing this obscure knowledge also happen to descend from a noble bloodline themselves.
ichor token Damage 6 Health 0 75 Celadon jade stone carved into a simple portrait of a wolf. These precious carvings popped up in the archipelago variant of ichor. Soon every goblin wanted fancy tokens of their own. The tokens that weren’t imitations were all relics stolen from the Chimera Reliquary.
crystal gyroscope Damage 18 Health 18 3 A series of fine crystal rings suspended in a dazzling sequence. Adventurers once visited from across the great sea to barter gyroscopes and boast of their home. Winnow and a few others chased pretty stories back across the great sea.
red ribbon Damage 0 Health 18 50 Length of striking red fabric to be wrapped tight around the upper arm. In their infancy, the spirit Rook used these striking armbands to coordinate goblins into a robust terraforming network. The young spirits were heaped with tasks, but never enough to completely occupy their attention.
gray piercing Damage 0 Health 54 2 A small metal ring, once used to tag hosts. Long ago, Ferret would take and dispose of hosts to manufacture elaborate gags, careless of the disorder and damage they spread. Ferret's compulsive disregard drove other spirits to safeguard their hosts.
fae steel brooch Damage 9 Health 27 25 Flake of fae steel from a nursery wall, affixed to a wire pin back. Every host raised in a nursery has fond memories of their youth. Most spirits took to using nurseries as they grew to regret taking hosts from the middle of their lives, and ignoring Ferret’s indulgences.
rosemary bundle Damage 0 Health 36 5 A bunch of rosemary sprigs tied together. The oils leave a thick, heartwarming smell on your hands.
The Worldstone Damage 0 Health 68 0 A piece of the physical realm, split from hard stone. One of the three relics of the unfae.
The Everberry Damage 23 Health 0 0 A delicate blue orb, unity of water and life. One of the three relics of the unfae.
The Elvenbone Damage 15 Health 45 0 The anointed index metacarpal of a dead species. One of the three relics of the unfae.
rosemary Damage 0 Health 6 25 A simple sprig of rosemary. Woody and oily.
Fae Weed Damage 0 Health 0 25 A strange herb that grows only within the fog. Consumption of the weed plays a key part in the ritual to force goblins to forget skills or to spur evolution.
bay laurel Damage 1 Health 5 25 Glossy, bright, hardy. A subtle seasoning, used mostly out of tradition and superstition.
basil Damage 0 Health 5 25 Sweet and slightly pungent. Thin, delicate leaves already beginning to wilt and dry.
horseradish root Damage 2 Health 2 25 A hefty chunk of root matter. Tastes like bitter dirt as is, but highly valued by chefs for use in its prepared form.
mint Damage 2 Health 2 25 Sweet, refreshing, intense. Soft but bright. Was beloved in Littleburrow due to its excellent pairing with blueberry.
sage Damage 1 Health 5 25 Dull, thick, soft. Warming, somehow. Once coveted by the witches of Chort Town due to supposed magical properties.
thyme Damage 2 Health 3 25 Grassy, lively, and strong. Said to have been used in aromatic oils worn by the late elven lords, thyme has long been considered the most romantic of herbs. The cannibals of Hork often use it to season eggs.
tansy Damage 2 Health 0 25 Bright yellow puffs of petals clumped on the end of long, reddish, woody stalks. Either toxic or medicinal, depending on who you ask. Can be made into a greenish yellow dye.
marigold Damage 1 Health 3 25 Sparse rosettes of clear yellow flowers. Can be made into a warm yellow dye.
madder root Damage 1 Health 5 25 Woody stalks of root matter. Can be made into a strong red dye.
blueberry Damage 0 Health 6 25 Common and well-loved by the many animals of the archipelago. Can be made into a warm, pale blue dye.
woad Damage 1 Health 3 25 Long, green leaves. A rare but sought-after plant in the archipelago, due to its usefulness in making rich blue dyes.
bloodroot Damage 2 Health 2 25 Tangled brown roots of a simple white flowering plant. Can be made into a reddish-orange dye.
onion Damage 1 Health 3 25 A lumpy yellow onion. Common and beloved. Can be used to dye fabrics a dull yellow.
juniper Damage 2 Health 3 25 Rough, thick, sharp. Juniper is all over the archipelago. Its ashes can be used as a binding mordant in the dyeing process.
iron ore Damage 0 Health 8 100 Not very useful in its current form, but a town might be happy to have it as a raw material in its hoard. Can also be broken down and used as a binding mordant in the dyeing process. As a mordant, iron tends to darken and gray colors.
dyer's mazegill Damage 2 Health 5 25 A dense fungus with a soft, peachy surface.
shaggy conk Damage 0 Health 6 25 Fruitmeats of a thick shelf mushroom with a hairy upper surface. Can be used to dye fabrics reddish orange.
cinnamon conk Damage 2 Health 7 25 A chunk of the head of a mushroom commonly found inland, rotting away twigs and branches of broad-leaved trees. Can be used to dye fabrics a pinkish purple.
potash Damage 3 Health 0 100 White ash collected from burned and leached plant matter. Can be used as a mordant to brighten some dyes.
ridged tooth mushroom Damage 1 Health 2 25 A wavy, warty ground mushroom. Can be used to produce a bluish green dye.
acorn Damage 0 Health 5 100 Glossy and hard. Can be used to dye fabrics a very dark brown.
glass ocelot eye Damage 14 Health 12 0 Glass disk painted to simulate an ocelot eye. While lying in wait hunters and trappers amuse themselves by competing to create the most convincing animal simulacra.
heron foot Damage 11 Health 15 0 Delicate ankle bone with four toes on one end, arranged into a claw. The goblins of Lixiviant would be delighted to have such a specimen.
bear femur Damage 8 Health 36 0 Long and heavy bone with lumps on both ends, polished smooth after passing through many goblin hands. The bone serves as a reminder of the stature and menace of a bear.
petrified seed capsule Damage 12 Health 36 0 + forestwalk An orchid seed capsule petrified in perfect detail with morion quartz. At the height of their power, high elves achieved mastery over the physical world. Rapid artificial petrification of this capsule was only a demonstration of the barest fraction of that power.
muskellunge jaw Damage 18 Health 18 0 Flattened mandible with most of the needle sharp teeth still intact. Muskellunge can be a nasty threat to swimmers but a town will usually leave them to control the population of forage fish.
fishbones Damage 9 Health 27 0 A collection of fish bones packed close and tightly wrapped. Likely assembled by scouring cooking pits and the shore to find the right bones to approximate a complete skeleton.
golden tortoise beetle Damage 0 Health 72 0 Small bug with a golden reflective shell. Usually plays dead, but will become cheerful and lively with kind gestures and patient attention.
mint-scented candle Damage 0 Health 45 0 Creamy yellow lump of wax with a short bit of twine sticking out. Ignite to give off a little light and a warm, intense aroma that would make any goblin hungry.
thyme oils Damage 11 Health 32 0 Small vial of translucent yellow oil that smells intensely of thyme. A thyme leaf crushed between two fingers releases a small burst of fragrant oil. A satchel stuffed full with thyme is needed to produce this small vial.
clay centaur figurine Damage 3 Health 45 0 Red-orange clay fashioned into a crude figure of a horse with the upper body of a hobgoblin. Made by a Hogglesdarry goblin and passed off as a rare find. The elves created centaurs for show and novelty, not to make crafts.
glass bead bracelet Damage 4 Health 36 8 Several irregular beads of glass strung on a loop of twine. Goblins are usually stubborn and superstitious about the arrangement and pairing of certain beads, indifferent to aesthetics.
wooden dice Damage 2 Health 45 12 Handmade set of pine-wood dice. Every die is crooked in one way or another. Most goblins test till they know the slant of their dice. Cocky goblins tend to enjoy rushing into gamble and game on the strength of their intuition.
preserved tansy Damage 8 Health 36 0 Glossy, thick, and hard with resin, but beautiful in color.
elven astrolabe Damage 13 Health 30 0 A simple astrolabe made by the hands of a single wood elf. The astrolabe is a theatrical prop that accompanies a ship’s captain. Astrolabe and captain were only theatrical tools to set the stage for dramatic action.
elven wand Damage 30 Health 0 0 A clumsily formed rod, still rough with splinters and dents. The wand is a theatrical prop that accompanies the tragic hero. Ambitious and too eager, the hero sparks the wand, but to the hero’s dismay, the rushed wand births a creature too horrible for the sight of spirit or goblin.
elven book Damage 15 Health 23 0 An embellished book, lovingly worn from regular use. The book is a theatrical prop that accompanies a creature of unearthly ugliness. The contrast between the creature’s disgusting anatomy and their fey wit delighted the audience.
elven flute Damage 10 Health 38 0 A modest flute that produces an enchanting sound. The flute is a theatrical prop that accompanies a blind old stranger. A disgusting creature finds the stranger’s music enchanting, and in turn the stranger is the only person to offer the creature any kindness.
elven implant Damage 0 Health 68 0 A small black oval that can be spliced into the body, allowing contact with the fae. The implant is a theatrical prop that accompanies the tragic hero’s best friend. After the tragic turn, the hero’s friend tries to console the grief-stricken lead with distracting stories and fantasies from the fae.
garnet Damage 10 Health 8 1 +5 Fire Rough flake of red garnet. Elves regarded fire as chaos that should be leashed and mitigated so it could be put to proper use. After the garnets were made, the natural occurrence of fire was no longer permitted in the archipelago’s ecosystem.
aquamarine Damage 10 Health 8 1 +5 Water Rough flake of sea-green aquamarine. By the time elves could lace power into gemstones, rising sea levels had long since compromised the archipelago’s groundwater. This made aquamarines the most widely and urgently produced gemstone.
peridot Damage 5 Health 15 1 +5 Plant Rough flake of olive-green peridot. Ages of grave changes to the ecosphere along with reactionary hacking and slapdash maneuvers had the archipelago’s ecosystem in shambles. Peridots were just another clumsy fix.
amber Damage 5 Health 15 1 +1 Height A small, unblemished yellow bead. Produced en masse during the age of light and assigned to various goblin corps. Spirits coordinated the goblins to raise and fortify the central plateau, and the goblin corps were allowed to keep the ambers to buoy their own homes above the rising sea levels.
onyx Damage 5 Health 15 1 + pull Rough flake of black onyx. Onyxes and pearls were made to emulate a black and white motif that elves reproduced throughout their culture. Despite any real or imagined dyad with pearls, the gems were used in the exact same way: to coerce.
pearl Damage 5 Health 15 1 + knockback A small, unblemished white bead. Onyxes and pearls were made to emulate a black and white motif that elves reproduced throughout their culture. Despite any real or imagined dyad with onyxes, the gems were used in the exact same way: to coerce.
citrine Damage 5 Health 8 1 + 1 move Rough flake of reddish-brown citrine. Elves made citrines before they learned how to create living things. They came to regard baubles that made a creature faster or stronger as vulgar antiques only a short time after creating them.
pale garnet Damage 10 Health 8 1 -5 Fire Rough flake of foggy red garnet. Garnets were conceived from the elves’ disdain for fire, but it took the fog to refine the garnet into a gemstone that truly controlled fire.
pale aquamarine Damage 10 Health 8 1 -5 Water Rough flake of foggy sea-green aquamarine. These aquamarines could beat against the great sea, but what would come of throwing oneself against something so sublime?
pale peridot Damage 5 Health 15 1 -5 Plant Rough flake of foggy olive-green peridot. These peridots are useful to suppress the weeds’ creeping and choking. To truly rein in the tireless weeds, one must apply other forces.
pale amber Damage 5 Health 15 1 -1 Height A small, unblemished, foggy yellow bead. Civil war had littered the elves’ fallen city with all manner of dangerous weapons. The fog collected the bones, relics, and wild magics, and inverted them to treacherous effect. These ambers could sink the archipelago deep beneath the sea, undoing an age of toil.
a189-o01s pendant Damage 25 Health 15 0 + unnerve Blotchy gray disk with “a189-o01s” stamped in one face, strung on a blotchy gray chain. A relic from the time when the elven city was still connected to the hinterland. In the hinterland worksites, goblin agents would use a pendant to symbolize, and sometimes enforce, authority over low-caste goblins.
minsk-ua50 coronet Damage 10 Health 45 0 + promote Yellow ring with “minsk-ua50” stamped on the inside, decorated with bent or broken bits of filigree. An ancient relic from before the first spirit. These removable and generic tokens of authority were reserved for a caste of goblins bred to conduct elven affairs.
class 9 power armlet Damage 18 Health 30 0 + regen Spotted gray band bent almost completely into a circle, with “class 9” stamped on the inside curve. From an archaic time when goblins lived in worksites, not towns. The hazards of a mine, power station, or factory were frequently lethal for any goblin without a power armlet.
flame gauntlet Damage 30 Health 0 0 +10 Fire White glove covered in overlapping plates of luminous fae steel. Designed under the shadow of civil war but dazzling all the same. The horrible magic brimming from the gauntlet withers anything nearby.
thornmail Damage 10 Health 45 0 + 15 thorn White tunic composed of hundreds of luminous fae steel chain links. The chainmail projects a harsh and cutting halo of white light. Being locked in a high tower away from the city center was not enough to ease fears.
elfskin slippers Damage 20 Health 23 0 + 2 move Layers of luminous elf skin sewn into light indoor footwear. The goblins of Hork would be impressed by the precise brutality of these slippers. Nothing from the largest root to the smallest pebble can be felt through the sole.
elven eye Damage 15 Health 30 0 + 1 range Perfectly smooth white sphere of luminous fae steel. The eye’s surface refuses blemishes or dirt of any kind. As chaos and failure wracked the elven city, some elves resorted to isolation and created artifices like the eye.
elven ring Damage 0 Health 68 0 + taunt White band made from luminous fae steel, inlaid with an unbroken fractal. Any creature that even glimpses the ring is possessed with a single-minded fascination, which led to many shabby imitations.
pomegranate Damage 3 Health 15 1 Glossy sphere with a mottled red husk that contains several bundles of ruby red seeds. The seeds burst between the teeth and release a sour and delightful liquid on the tongue.
avocado Damage 0 Health 21 1 Stretched orb with wrinkled dark green skin over green-yellow ombré flesh, subtle and rich in taste.
mango Damage 2 Health 17 1 Oblong in shape, with gold yellow skin over equally gold yellow flesh. Beneath the skin, mangos are soft to the tooth and overflow with honey-sweet juices.
persimmon Damage 1 Health 19 1 Squat orb with thin glossy red-orange skin over silky sweet flesh.
lemon Damage 4 Health 13 1 Round fruit with lumpy and bright yellow rind that holds several segments, full of glassy yellow kernels. The segments yield easily to the tooth but the juice is so sour as to make lemons almost inedible.
bronze hydra Damage 8 Health 20 0 + weepy Beautifully green with corrosion, a model of a hydra that may or may not have ever been bred in full. Perhaps one lurks deep under the waves still. The surface of this statuette never seems to dry, and even touching it you feel droplets gathering all around you.