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The world of Tenderfoot Tactics consists of an archipelago, with one large island at the center. The major landmarks include goblin towns, elven towers, special combat encounters, and a plateau at the center of the main island, which consists of artefact towers around the edges and a castle at the center.


Various goblin settlements are scattered around the archipelago. Each of these towns maintains its own population count and reputation score, both of which increase upon winning battles. A town's population decreases every time the party rests. If the population of a town decreases to zero, it will be lost to the fog, and a fae tree will appear in the town. Defeating the enemies at a fae tree will renew some of the lost inhabitants. A town's population can be protected from any reductions by leaving a party member as a caretaker within the town's borders.

Each town contains a dyer and a hoard. Dyers allow mixing various ingredients together to create dyes that be applied to a goblin's clothing, which alters their appearance. Hoards contain various items that be can added to or taken from, which affects the party's reputation in that town.

Towns also feature many goblin citizens who will converse with the party and reveal much of the game's lore. Some towns also contain traders that will give trinkets in exchange for a few ingredients. Each town also offers a place to rest and a local map of the surrounding area.

The following towns are inhabited:

There are a few abandoned settlements which do not contain any NPCs, but they are mentioned by goblins in other towns:


Other than the towers on small islands on opposite sides of the archipelago (both of which are part of the tutorial), there are two different kinds of towers on the main island: five artefact towers that surround the edge of the central plateau, which are part of the main quest of the game, and five elven towers outside of the plateau, which are optional and reward unique trinkets.

Special Battles[edit]

There are several unique areas where different battles may be fought:


There are multiple maps depicting points of interest around the archipelago. The world map can be obtained at the beginning of the game by the starting tower. The map depicting the breed unlock locations can be found in any town or by the door of any of the breed unlock dungeons. Other maps found in towns depict a small portion of the archipelago, with more detailed markings for resting areas, travel routes, and special locations. As part of the game's lore, goblin map-makers do not have a common notion of the direction of north, so these maps are all rotated in comparison to the world map (with "north" being pointed towards the castle).